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Microscopy workshop:

Ursula Sauer

Stéphane Compant

About the AIT

Key infrastructure issues

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest research and technology organisation. Among the European research institutes, AIT is a specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future.

Ingenious Partner

As an Ingenious Partner to industry and public institutions, AIT is already researching and developing the technologies, methods and tools of tomorrow ‑ paving the way for the innovations of the day after tomorrow.


The AIT has about 1.300 employees working on the development of the tools, technologies and solutions for Austrian industries that are of utmost relevance for the future.

Mission Statement

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology takes a leading position in the Austrian innovation system and a  key role in Europe as the RTO focusing on the key infrastructure topics of the future.

AIT provides research and technological development to realize basic innovations for the next generation of infrastructure related technologies in the fields of Energy, Mobility Systems, Low-Emission Transport, Health & Bioresources, Digital Safety & Security, Vision, Automation & Control and Technology Experience. These technological research areas are supplemented by the competence in the area of Innovation Systems & Policy.

As a national and international network node at the interface of science and industry AIT enables innovation through its scientific-technological expertise, market experience, tight customer relationships and high quality research infrastructure.