„The advanced microscopy course is the perfect mix between theory and hands-on training, you are able to transform a bacterial strain with gfp, perform FISH of bacteria on leaves and operate the confocal and scanning electron microscope. You work in small groups which gives you the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, and you get to know your fellows better which make it very fun days! I would highly recommend this workshop!“

(Dr. Sophie Thijs)

„Great workshop with highly regarded speakers from the field of microscopy and microbiology. It gave me a clear picture of the recent advances and future directions in microscopy techniques to study plant-microbe interactions. The workshop had a good balance between talks and the practical lab training with a very friendly atmosphere for learning and international networking. I fully enjoyed the course and highly recommend the workshop especially for the students who depend on advanced microscopy for their research.“

(Dr. Abdul Samad)

“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of being part of advanced microscopy workshop and learning various techniques to understand better the interaction between Plant & Microbe analysis. It was such a tremendous experience with practical exercises and worthwhile information and I would like to enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who wants not only to know beyond this subject but also to have inspiration, fun and laugh.”

(DI Negar Ghezel Sefloo)

„For me this workshop hat opened a door into the multiplicity of microscopy world. I have learned so many different microscopy techniques and each one has special applications. It is also so fascinated that the new technologies could allow the obersvation of microorganism in the smallest details. It is also great for me to work with such kind of microscopy experts.“

(DI Guofen Li)